ARMSTRONG fully understands that competent and well-qualified personnel contribute to the success of an industry. To this end, we are determined to provide individuals who share our solid commitment to excellent service. We devote our resources towards the systematic search and meticulous selection of people to best match a particular position. It is also essential to us to maintain communication and coordination with the Principal. Status reports and constant correspondences allow us to work openly with the Principal in order to accomplish a project effectively.

ARMSTRONG is composed of committees that function jointly to manage the specific requirements of each account. Our full-time associates are divided into teams that each focus on the recruitment of personnel and the documentation of essential data. They are especially trained to handle projects and applicants through organized recruitment, screening, interview, and selection processes. Each member of our staff, formed through the value of professionalism, is considered a specialist in the field of recruitment.

ARMSTRONG recruits personnel for employment abroad through the authorization of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) under License No. POEA-020-LB-012411-R. Rest assured, ARMSTRONG will handle your requirements in the Philippines from start to finish.

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